What To Expect On Thimbleweed Park Upcoming Release

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed park is the successor of The Secret of Monkey Island and 1987 Maniac Mansions.  It is an upcoming 2D click ‘n’ point adventure game which has the old school graphic game adventure, which is seen on third person perspective. It cuts the core of what really makes a classic-style adventure game special.

Thimbleweed Park (use balloon animal with corpse)

This adventure game began to be developed on January 2, 2015 by Gary Winnick and Ron Gilbert. Thimbleweed Park has been set to be released early 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and Xbox One and the rest of the other platforms would follow soon after. Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick come along way back, they not only developed Maniac Mansion and The Secret Of Monkey Island, they also developed the SCUMM engine which was used by the LucasArts adventure games in the ’90s. They also played the part of revolutionizing point n’ click adventure game and storytelling in the video games.

Game plot

Thimbleweed Park involves a curious interesting story of two detectives, who are called to investigate the dead body that was found floating in a river outside the town. Thimbleweed Park was once a town where anyone would love to live in, it was the state’s biggest pillow factory, boasted a vibrant business district and an opulent hotel, but now it is nothing of what it used to be. It is a very strange place with strange people, that is desperately longing to go back to what it was.

Thimbleweed Park (give whiskey bottle to Reyes)

The story begins when a body is discovered in the river by the police just after midnight outside Thimbleweed Park town. The police at that scene are seen to be scratching their heads because they do not have any clue on how the case would be solved. The department of police in Thimbleweed Park, decides to ask the federal agents for their assistance due to their lack of resources. Things get weirder when pigeons show up in the scene and start to talk about what it signals to agents Antonio Reyes and Angela Ray. The game becomes more interesting when Ransome the cursed clown, the salesmen of ghost of pillow and the disinherited game designer are introduced.

The game instructions.

Thimbleweed Park has only two modes, which are the casual mode and the hard mode. The difference between these two modes is that, the puzzles in hard mode are more difficult compared to the casual mode. Casual mode is mostly for those who are not adventure game veterans, however, it is for those players who love a good story that does not involve putting a lot of hard work, since some few areas have been removed from the story to make it easier for the players. Hard mode allows the players to get a classic adventure experience!

Thimbleweed Park (look at empty Tuna Can)

Casual mode has tutorials that explains what you need to do, like for instance if you want to pick a rock, it would explain how you will do so, that is by clicking on the ‘Pick up’ and then you just click on that rock.

Thimbleweed Park game engine and tools used.

Ron Gilbert developed his own engine, he had 2D graphic engine which he had developed and used previously in Scurvy Scallywags and The Big Big Castle, which were his non-adventure games and had it written in C/C++ which he decided he would use it on Thimbleweed Park. Ron Gilbert also used SDL for handling the input and windows creation, and he used his own code in rendering the graphics. He wanted to come up with his own script language although it was not possible due to the time factor, therefore he decided to take the language squirrel. Gary Winnick cited Adobe Photoshop as the most obvious tool that would be used when creating game’s art. In conclusion, even though the game involves old school graphics including click ‘n’ point, Gilbert and Winnick have made some small changes especially on the controls, in order to meet the expectations of the modern audience, and make it more interesting for players. Some of these changes are for instance, instead of just clicking around when walking, a player can use the analog thumbsticks to walk. They have also taken the modern graphical techniques (pixel-heavy art style) to prevent the colors displayed from clouding on each other.  

Thimbleweed Park Ransome Trailer from Ron Gilbert on Vimeo.

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